Robert’s Story

On October 21, 2016, after more than a year of doctors’ visits and tests, I was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). There is currently no effective treatment for ALS. Basically, I was given a death sentence. It was suggested that I live my life to the fullest and enjoy the time I had left, while still able. Instead, I have chosen to fight.

I have done exhaustive research, consulted numerous experts in alternative therapies, and embarked on a comprehensive treatment regimen in an attempt to slow the progression of this disease. Being outside the purview of traditional medicine, none of these treatments are covered by insurance. In addition, I have been offered a ray of hope in the approval of a new drug (Radicava) – the first FDA-approved treatment option for ALS in more than 20 years. While Radicava offers hope, it will be prohibitively expensive, with an expected cost of approximately $10,000 per month.

ALS is a progressive disease, and the sooner I can get a handle on it, the better. I hope my protocols and alternative treatments are helping, and I pray this new drug will go a long way toward prolonging my life as well as protecting the quality of it.

About the Robert J. Mesko Fund

The Robert J. Mesko Fund was established to help raise $100,000 to cover the initial costs of Robert’s medication. As a family, we’ve supported our community for nearly 90 years and never asked for help before, but we are asking now. We need your support. ALS is a progressive, debilitating disease and with every day that passes, Robert grows less able to fight. He needs your help today.